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,,If your voice was a substance, it would be smoke'' - Iris Fly

After 3 years as the singer of a death metal band 21-year-old Cloudy June from Berlin is now on hey way solo and proves on her new single "High Waist To Hell" that she has left surprisingly little of her past behind.
The young self-made independent musician uploaded her first demos to SoundCloud when she was just 14 years old. Already at that time people become aware of her unusually rough and mature sounding voice, which is still her unmistakable feature today.
Growing up in the middle of Berlin, Cloudy tells her story as part of a youth that doesn't know where to belong. Love is renounced, intoxication is an early companion and a dark melancholy hovers over everything. But Cloudy herself has every reason to celebrate. Her first EP ,,Heartless’’ was released in December 2018 and in total the young DIY musician has reached over 30,000 streams on Spotify in a few months.
In 2019 Cloudy June released her single ,,Somewhere in Between Us’’ together with a music video to shine a light on mental health and abuse.
In early 2020 Cloudy went on tour through Germany as part of the backing ensemble of celebrated indie musician Kat Frankie. From metal pubs and renowned punk clubs, like the SO36, to the big hall of the Elbphilharmonie - the half-Cuban singer, who was praised by Radio Stations as a "hopeful young voice", has already played herself into the hearts of an ever growing fan community.
Definitely one of the female "artists to watch 2020".