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,,If your voice was a substance, it would be smoke'' - Iris Fly

Twenty-one-year-old Cloudy June has just launch her dark pop sound as a solo artist. After 3 years as a lead vocalist in a Death Metal band, she now returns to her solo career an proves on her debut single "Somewhere In Between Us" that she has left surprisingly little of her past behind and rather manages to make her new songs sound angsty, surprisingly authentic and mature.

The half-cuban artist grew up in the middle of Berlin, watched her friends take LSD when they where just 15 years old and now tells her story as part of a youth that doesn't know where it belongs. Love is renounced, intoxication is an early companion, and above all there is a gloomy melancholy.

During that time Cloudy June posted her first demos online, that were only meant for her friends, and now count over 18,000 plays on SoundCloud. That's when people first became aware of her unusually rough and mature voice, which is still her unmistakable feature.

Between concerts in renowned punk clubs such as the SO36, the half Cuban played her music into the hearts of an ever-growing fan community. Definitely one of the female "artists to watch 2020''

Photo by © Robespierre Baker



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